What Makes an Awesome Wedding Celebrant?

Weddings can be fun, special and refreshing when it’s all planned out. From the location and venue, catering, entertainment and celebration itself, everything must be well thought of. However, you can’t expect the same experience if some things aren’t organised and you fail to hire an awesome wedding celebrant.

Scrap off the worst scenario and reach out to the best wedding celebrant to have a fun-filled wedding celebration that you, your partner and guests will surely enjoy.

Here are the qualities you need to look for in a celebrant:

Passionate and Moving

You want to work with someone that’s passionate in his or her work. Someone who recognises the love shared by two people and make the couple connected throughout the ceremony. They must present with confidence and make the ambience authentic and full of love.

Remember, you’re only getting married once so the event must be worthwhile and memorable. With a passionate and truly moving celebrant, you and your partner can share intimate moments in your special day.

Fun, Friendly and Creative

Nobody wants to stay at a wedding that’s too old-fashioned and dull. To have a breath of fresh air, hire the most collaborative, fun and creative wedding celebrant like Brendan Anning. He’s the type of presenter you can count on for an intimate, with a touch of fun, ceremony.

Now that people are easily distracted, especially with smartphones, you need someone like Brendan Anning to spice up the event. He has lots of new and fresh perspective on welcoming guests, keeping everyone engaged and making the couple feel comfortable.

Calm and Under Pressure

The last thing you want to experience on your wedding day is the feeling of being pressured and stressed. The celebrant must not rush the ceremony and not keep you and your partner feeling a bit tense. What you need is guidance and reassurance that everything’s going to turn out okay and the wedding celebrant must keep the general mood upbeat and pleasant.

Professional, Qualified and Reliable Brisbane Celebrants

Only hire someone who’s qualified to perform weddings in Australia. They must provide all legal paperwork and registration needed plus plan out the scope of the wedding. Moreover, the celebrant must be prompt and come in the venue on time, dressed nicely and has A+ presentation skills.


Now that you know what specific qualities make an awesome celebrant, it will be easy for you to hire someone worthy of your time and money. Consider going straight to Brendan Anning for a remarkable union of love. He can service South East Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Destination Weddings. Here are the inclusions of his service:

  • Complete legal paperwork plus registration
  • Planning meetings
  • PA speaker system, wireless microphone and Bluetooth audio
  • Travel expenses


You will only get married once so make it count. Don’t settle for anything less and splurge on the services you actually need. Get a wedding celebrant that gives you value for money and make the ambience truly memorable and fun. Contact Brendan Anning today and book an appointment.