No Fuss – Legals Only Weddings

Not into big weddings or on a tight budget. Why not get married the easiest way possible.

$400 I travel to you.

So you can get married in the easiest possible way anywhere your heart desires.

The easy 5 step process:

• Send an enquiry to me.

• I send everything you need via email with my booking form.

• You book and pay.

• We meet on the date and time requested.

• You get married!

It is that easy.

And because I am such a nice guy I add a few bonuses to sweeten the deal. Book to find out more.

My process is perfectly refined, and made very easy for you.

The Requirements for Getting Married in Australia

The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) which is the only paperwork you have to do must be received by me 1 calendar month before your wedding date.

What is involved with signing paperwork on your marriage day.

2 people over the age of 18 are required to officially witness your marriage. These 2 witnesses can be anyone! Even picked at random in a café.

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