Cool Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable and Fun

As the most important event for couples, marriage should be memorable. You’ll remember this special event for the rest of your life. Hence, you should see to it that you’ll remember it right.

So, how can you make your wedding joyful and memorable? Here are some cool ideas to add flavour and spice to your wedding.

Celebrate with fireworks – No real explanation needed here, only to check the budget.

Hire an amazing photographer – From my experience the best photographers are the ones that you forget are even present at times. They capture the days evens with flare and creatively get those snaps that you will always look back on and smile.

Have a surpise ceremony! These have become some of my favorite experiences when marrying couple. The guests are shocked and it really turns into an epic celebration and party.

Make your pets your guests of honour – Whilst the newlyweds and guests are enjoying, how about the beloved pets? Shouldn’t they be also invited to this momentous occasion? Give them the treatment they deserve by grooming them as honoured guests for the wedding.

Hire a fun marriage celebrant – The whole event will never be fun if you don’t hire the right marriage celebrant. Let’s face it, most marriage celebrants fall flat in entertaining the newlyweds and the wedding entourage. To avoid boring your guests, hire a professional who knows how to host this solemn event with giggles.

Being in a solemn event such as a marriage does not mean it should be boring from start to finish. Find a celebrant that understands you and wants your day to be the best reflection of your love and relationship.